SWITCHlan Traffic Statistics

Amount of data transported over the SWITCHlan network

TByte per month

(explanation of the columns)
total ETH/CSCS
UNIs UAS other CERN SWITCH Servers leaving SWITCHlan
Oct 201814027379935898414922417524313
Sep 201810705332124226043761856533144
Aug 20188214217221042693321385802619
Jul 20188540261019222793182555682588
Jun 201810069277926365683801047292873
May 201810970252229977503951166473542
Apr 20181012421032391616372976083937
Mar 20181127232202648715392737093514
Feb 201810426327822155013461305593398
Jan 201810379282924325513672136933294
Dec 201710858264528655723221336863634
Nov 201711365226630387723921086904098
Oct 2017960021092628626327705463292
Sep 20179179220220475263481055343417
Aug 2017768621181914342260745842394
Jul 20178059239921122492622434932301
Jun 20178393244818353813041016342690
May 2017969125262136624349916463319
Apr 2017884327432142530268806312449
Mar 2017968132212174600322676382660
Feb 2017792225901769439254634962311
Jan 20178728239021844312631216142723
Dec 2016927419831962413241975614017
Nov 20168641206022835992751155182791
Oct 2016853619472282531253905702863
Sep 2016704519951649460245724052219
Aug 2016619817321397286194863802123
Jul 20167353216018072121751343302535
Jun 20167475205520233332361024172310
May 2016693417111774496224644602206
Apr 2016631613591818477219563961991
Mar 20166655172316844652231474541960
Feb 2016549815141252355198593371783
Jan 2016554413151267326198653052069
Dec 2015522011031499310166432691830
Nov 2015588412911753481185472901837

Changes over the last twelve months

total ETH/CSCS
UNIs UAS other CERN SWITCH Servers leaving SWITCHlan
factor: 1.46 1.80 1.37 1.34 1.50 3.44 1.38 1.31

Column explanation:

This graph and the numbers above represent traffic leaving the SWITCHlan network. The output bytes on router interfaces leading to different sites connected to SWITCHlan, as well as to SWITCH's upstream providers and peering partners are counted.

In the above table, the columns labeled 'ETHZ/CSCS/EPFL/PSI', 'UNIs', 'UAS', and 'other' show the amount of data transmitted to the ETHs (including CSCS and PSI), the Universities, the Universities of Applied Sciences and a few other organisations also connected to SWITCHlan.

The column 'SWITCH Servers' shows the amount of data transmitted to the central SWITCH servers located at ETHZ and the University of Lausanne (ie. News Server, SWITCHmirror, SourceForge.net download server, Akamai).

The column 'leaving SWITCHlan' shows the traffic that left the SWITCHlan network towards organizations somewhere else on the Internet via upstream providers and peering partners.